Why I Left Gulp and Grunt for npm Scripts

npm scripts over Gulp and Grunt

I know what you’re thinking. WAT?! Didn’t Gulp just kill Grunt? Why can’t we just be content for a few minutes here in JavaScript land? I hear ya, but…

I’ve found Gulp and Grunt to be unnecessary abstractions. npm scripts are plenty powerful and often easier to live with.

Let’s Begin With An Example…

I was a big fan of Gulp. But on my last project, I ended up with 100’s of lines in my gulpfile and around a dozen Gulp plugins. I was struggling to integrate Webpack, Browsersync, hot reloading, Mocha and much more using Gulp. Why? Well, some plugins had insufficient documentation for my use case. Some plugins only exposed part of the API I needed. One had an odd bug where it would only watch a small number of files. Another stripped colors when outputting to the command line.

These are solvable problems, but none of these issues occurred when I called the tools directly.

Lately I’ve noticed many open-source projects are simply using npm scripts. I decided to step back and re-examine. Did I really need Gulp? It turns out I didn’t.

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