Angular 2 versus React

Angular 2 has reached Beta and appears poised to become the hot new framework of 2016. It’s time for a showdown. Let’s see how it stacks up against 2015’s darling: React.

Disclaimer: I enjoyed working in Angular 1 but switched to React in 2015. I just published a Pluralsight course on React and Flux (free trial). So yes, I’m biased. But I’m attacking both sides.

Alright, let’s do this. There will be blood.

Angular 2 versus React

You’re Comparing Apples and Orangutans!

Sigh. Yes, Angular is a framework, React is a library. Some say this difference makes comparing them illogical. Not at all!

Choosing between Angular and React is like choosing between buying an off-the-shelf computer and building your own with off-the-shelf parts.

This post considers the merits of these two approaches. I compare React’s syntax and component model to Angular’s syntax and component model. This is like comparing an off-the-shelf computer’s CPU to a raw CPU. Apples to apples…

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