An Epic Week of Development in Norway

tldr; NDC was amazing! I was a guest on .NET Rocks! My recorded sessions from NDC in Oslo, Norway are below. And I finally got to meet Uncle Bob!

I just had an amazing experience at my first ever international conference. I’m back from attending the Norwegian Developer Conference in Oslo, Norway. It was an exceptionally well run conference with a few features I’ve never seen before. One exceptional feature was the overflow room which allowed people to watch 8 concurrent sessions simultaneously! Great for those times when you can’t find a seat or you’re not sure which session to pick.

And I couldn’t have been more excited to finally meet one of my programming heroes, Uncle Bob Martin. We had a wonderful chat after his session and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk shop 1:1 with an author I’ve looked up to for so long. Thanks Bob!

I also got to see Scott Hanselman speak in person for the first time. Absolutely superb edutainment! And I got to meet Douglas Crockford and attend his excellent sessions as well!

.NET Rocks!

To top it all off, Carl and Richard from .NET Rocks invited me over for my first guest appearance on the show! I’ve enjoyed the show for years and was absolutely flattered to finally be invited to be a guest. They’re a lot of fun and two of the nicest guys one could hope to meet. The show was on Single Page Application Development and we dove into the unique challenges of SPA development in the automotive industry.

Give the .NET Rocks show a listen here!

Oh Yeah, I Spoke Too.

Finally, my sessions at NDC Oslo went great! It was standing room only in both the sessions. A full room just makes speaking that much more fun by adding that extra spark of energy.


Videos from both the sessions I presented at NDC are now up on Vimeo.

This is a subset of my Pluralsight course. If you’ve seen the Becoming an Outlier course, you’ll find this contains some unique content, especially at the beginning. If you haven’t seen the course, this is really just a preview since it’s less than half the full course content.

And here’s the session we chatted about on .NET Rocks. This is a case study on the largest single-page application of my career. Many lessons were learned along the way!

In Summary…

There were some touchy points along the way…

But I’m not sure I’ve ever learned more at a conference. I’ll save my gushing on the amazing sessions I attended for a separate post. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it all!

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  1. I saw your session live, it was very inspiring! If I ever find myself lacking motivation or energy, there’s no doubt that watching it again will help me get back up. A must see!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Oslo (without being attacked by guards)!

  2. Thank you for sharing this Great Session.

    I have a question regarding DAL, I see you go with ORMLite, why you choose it ? as there are free great alternatives like Dapper.Net & PetaPoco.

    I like to know you point of view.


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