Real World Single Page Applications: A Knockout Case Study

Typical technology sessions walk through a trivial example application to give you a taste of the technology. So hey, let’s do the opposite! In this session we’ll dissect the largest single page application of my career. This is an HTML5 application that our Silverlight guys said couldn’t be built.

We’ll walk through how to manage a pure client-side application with 1000’s of lines of custom JavaScript and review how Web API, Knockout, Durandal, RequireJS, KendoUI, and surprisingly little jQuery can join forces to make the browser sing. You’ll gain a clear understanding of when a single page app approach makes sense and learn how to pragmatically divide responsibilities between the client and server. This session will give you an appreciation for how far you can push ultra-responsive client-side rendering in the real-world.


Presented at:

  • Iowa Code Camp – Fall 2013 – Rate this talk
  • St. Louis Days of .NET 2013 – Rate this talk
  • Prairie Dev Conference 2014
  • Kansas City Developer Conference 2014
  • Norwegian Developer Conference Oslo, Norway 2014
  • That Conference 2014
  • Heartland Developer Conference 2014
  • Devlink 2014

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