Owning the Technology Adoption Curve

Today, more than ever, we’re overwhelmed with a seemingly endless list of technologies to consider. Frameworks, libraries, and even languages come and go at such a furious pace that no individual can possibly keep up. So how do you determine if a technology is worth learning? What should you ignore? When do you stand your ground on a declining technology? Does it make sense to stay cutting-edge, or is there wisdom is being a strategic laggard?

What we need, is a game plan. So in this session, we’ll build a critical expertise for developers: Skill selection. We’ll consider the key metrics, job statistics, market conditions, and lifestyles that should drive your decisions. You’ll walk away with a mental framework for technology skill selection and a clear vision of the values that should drive your future decisions.


Presented at

  • Kansas City Developer Conference 2015
  • KC Web Pros User Group

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