Embarrassing Coupling Problem? Let’s Solve That with Dependency Injection.

This session begins with an overview for developers who are new to Dependency Injection (DI). We’ll discuss why DI is a key pattern for building scalable, maintainable, high performance applications. We’ll learn the importance of coding to an interface rather than an implementation, discuss why IoC containers are useful, and review how DI allows you to write loosely coupled and testable code.

With this foundation established, we’ll dive into common DI anti-patterns, review lifetime scope alternatives, and learn how to compose objects via a composition root. We’ll wrap up with a quick review of how you can handle cross-cutting concerns like logging and security with dynamic proxies. Examples are in C#, but coders in other strongly typed languages should be able to follow right along.

Slides and Source code

Presented at:

  • Nebraska Code Camp 2013
  • Kansas City .Net User Group

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