The JavaScript Starter Kit Manifesto

My talk from Nodevember just went live on YouTube! This is my sales pitch: Starting from scratch today in JavaScript is crazy. The solution? Your team needs a JavaScript Starter Kit.

I’d love to hear you feedback on the talk!

And here’s a link to the related course: “Building a JavaScript Development Environment“.

7 replies on “The JavaScript Starter Kit Manifesto”

  1. Great video Corey, some good points made. In our dev shop we try to clarify what tools etc we will stick to on each project but we don’t have a manifesto as such. Also it tends to change with each project as new frameworks come out. It used to be jQuery for example a few years back, but its all Angular now. I bet in a few months it will either be Angular 2 or React. Do you think a manifesto should be organisation based or project based? I have a Pluralsight sub so will look out for your course.

    1. Hi Garry – I totally agree that the technologies you use will likely change slowly over time. The point is, at any given time, it’s helpful to have a clear recipe. It’s totally fine to change it, but having a clear starter kit that represents your team’s current opinions helps everyone get started faster and assures that important concerns aren’t overlooked. We’ve changed many decisions over the year that we’ve had our starter kit. But many common pieces remain. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I”m currently watching your course on Pluralsight and I have to say It’s by far the most informative course I’ve watched in my 6 years as a subscriber!

  3. Hey Cory! Love this course! Was wondering if you could provide some guidance-I’ve been trying unsuccessfully, to setup this specific environment to integrate with Coveralls for code coverage. How would you go about it?

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